Welcome To Quaeris srl

Quaeris Srl is a social research institute specialized in market research and opinion surveys: our mission is to provide excellent and meticulous results with high quality standards. Our expertise in a diverse range of research sectors is supported by a particularly capable fieldwork department throughout Italy, a team of researchers with strong know-how and highly specialized in-house data processing resources. Our researches are dedicated to private companies, public authorities and institutions, media and services corporations, nationally and internationally.


Quaeris Srl abides by ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Market > Research) and ASSIRM (Market, Social and opinion research) quality standards.

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Quaeris Srl is founded in 1996 by Giorgio De Carlo in Treviso. The institute is formed by a strong research team where each associate brings his or her own consolidated expertise and a wide array of personal abilities.


Since its inception the team has been growing with valuable resources, exponentially increasing its planning and research capabilities. At Quaeris Srl the research team is backed up by a complete organizational structure. The agency therefore conducts all the phases of projects: from the initial proposal to final data processing and reporting.

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Consultancy and Research proposal: evaluating the client’s problem and needs, then designing a “tailor-made” solution;


Research Set-Up and Project Management: applying quality procedures, > constantly testing and monitoring that these are meticulously observed;


Fieldwork: collecting data using the most suitable tools;


Data Processing: using advanced technological systems;


Analysis and Reporting: exploiting the agency’s know-how and databases, the expertise and professional intuition of its researchers;


Presentation of Results: producing report formats featured by a high clarity of the information and data collected.

Our clients, whether Italian or international, are certain to receive the best strategies to identify the ideal solutions to their problems, achieving the maximum result with the minimum effort.

For further information don’t hesitate to contact us.