Socio Political Analyses

Quaeris uses qualitative, quantitative and integrated methodologies to supply customised research services, working with a nationwide network of skilled interviewers. Quaeris’ products are aimed at private companies, government organisations and institutions, and companies operating in the media industry and in the third sector.

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Electional Polls

Election polls are used to determine the voting intentions of electors, measuring their degree of liking for certain candidates and parties, establishing a list of the most effective issues to address in an electoral campaign.

The results of this poll make it possible to identify the most effective political marketing actions for improving the performance of a candidate or party and for winning the liking and appreciation of the voters before, during and after the electoral campaign. Quaeris possesses wide-ranging experience in conducting local, national and international election polls.

  • Optimising the resources in the building and management of an electoral campaign.
  • Defining the positioning of candidates and parties vis-à-vis their competitors.
  • Picking up the weak signals of requests expressed by the electorate.
  • Identifying the most fruitful targets and the best ways to reach them.

Policy Monitoring

Local public authorities (Municipal, Provincial and Regional) are increasingly being called to reflect upon the efficacy and the efficiency of the various policies they have implemented in the execution of their institutional functions.It is becoming fundamental to monitor and assess these policies in order to ascertain if the measures that have been taken meet the real needs of the population.

The monitoring and assessment covers the entire policy implementation process, being carried out in the ex ante, interim and ex post stages.Evaluating the results achieved by government actions constitutes, moreover, a fundamental part of the activity of reporting to the general public (via the CSR report in particular) the benefits resulting from the measures taken.

  • Monitoring and assessing the efficacy and efficiency of government policies and promoting updated intervention strategies.
  • Improving the accountability of the public entities.
  • Promoting processes to enable the general public and specific stakeholders to take part in the formulation and re-definition of the actions taken by government.


Quaeris uses these researches to study the development of complex social phenomena such as the impact generated by technological innovations, changes in behaviour, the evolution of languages and the monitoring of the socio-economic sectors.

This study is useful for understanding the context in which the social players live and operate, for identifying the levers of change and for appropriately fulfilling the needs of society.

  • Understanding and predicting the development of social phenomena so as to support effective projects.
  • Establishing whether to increase or reduce the investment of resources.
  • Defining the factors that make it possible to maximise the success of the initiatives.