Market Researches

Quaeris conducts market researches that produce excellent results and that, at the end, provide a clear understanding of the research that has been carried out. Exploiting the professional know-how we have accumulated since 1996, we employ modern marketing and research techniques such as Brand Studies, Positioning and Segmentation Analyses, Communication Studies, Concept, Product & Pack Tests, International Market Researches and Marketing. Whatever your sector and whatever your need, you can rely on Quaeris’ proven experience in conducting market researches.

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Brand Studies

This proprietary research method, developed by Quaeris, starts by studying the well-established parameters for analysing a brand (awareness, associations, loyalty and reputation), integrating them with additional methodological techniques based on psychology and sociology.

Positioning and Segmentation Analyses

The purposes of these analyses is to determine how a brand or a product/service “is defined” by consumers on the basis of its significant attributes and in comparison with its competitors’ products. The segmentation models proposed by Quaeris enable the demand for an individual company or for an entire commodity sector to be profiled through application of sociological and psychological variables. These variables make it possible to identify different clusters constructed around people’s differing desires for self-gratification and social recognition/acceptance.

Communication Studies

Quaeris uses these analyses to first of all study the context of the market in which a company or organisation operates. We then draw up comparisons with its competitors (in terms of products, services and communication), identify and analyse the competitive advantages and identify the specific targets. From the formulation of the creative idea, to the identification of the most effective messages, to the monitoring of a campaign’s short-, medium- and long-term impact, the process of communication follows a procedure based on facts, not on impressions.

Concept, Product and Pack Test

These tests are used to evaluate the liking for a product, expressed in quantitative terms by a representative sample of potential users. Unlike the product test, in which the actual physical product is tested, in the concept test the product does not yet exist, or for some reason cannot be used. Respondents are therefore shown the concept of the product, generally presented in graphic form accompanied by a short description. The pack test focuses primarily on the packaging of a product, considering various aspects of it such as its visual appeal and ergonomic shape.

International Market Researches

These researches enable us to analyse consumers’ behaviours, attitudes, expectations and opinions in the context of any product field. Quaeris forms part of the ESOMAR Global Insights Community, whose members guarantee a top-quality and professional approach.

Marketing and Marketing Researches

Market researches can supply a great deal of strategic support when planning the activities of the marketing mix. Whether the corporate vision wishes to concentrate on the “4Ps” or on the “4Cs”, Quaeris offers techniques and skills to suit different product fields. The approach to researches that focus specifically on marketing aims to break the consumption process down into all of its individual stages, from the emergence of the need to the end of use of the service.